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MineSweeper is an efficient review of the technology areas most relevant to a particular transaction. Designed to highlight the technology areas of greatest risk, MineSweeper provides a fast and efficient way to get ‘under the covers’ of a company’s technology operations. Utilizing our proprietary model we define areas of risk allowing deal teams to negotiate a transaction with a strong foundation in the risks that exist. Typically 3 – 5 days in duration, MineSweeper quickly provides the team with the right information to gain the best valuation possible.

Our complete technology due diligence offering takes a comprehensive review of a company’s technology operations. This offering addresses, in detail, the five core areas related to a company’s technology: strategy, organization, applications, property, and infrastructure. This offering is designed to not only highlight risk areas but also provide recommended mitigation strategies, identify and quantify potential synergy opportunities, and highlight specific technology investment requirements. The duration of this offering is very dependent on the size and scope of the individual transaction.

Each of these offerings is designed to mitigate risks inherent in every investment or acquisition and improve your negotiating strength by providing information critical to gaining the most favorable valuation for the specific transaction.