Technology Strategy Development

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Designed to be comprehensive in the assessment of a company’s current technology situation and in the recommendations developed to create real and significant competitive advantage Tipperary Partners utilizes a four phase strategy development process:

The foundation of the strategy development phase is identifying the technology capabilities needed to enable the future business strategy. During the Strategy Assessment phase we review the current technology operations identifying and strategy to develop a baseline and a view as to the current capabilities the organization has. During the Strategy Development phase we evaluate the current capabilities against the future strategic direction and make determinations what additional capabilities are necessary. It is in this stage that we also formulate our plans for developing or acquiring the specific capabilities and the projects and initiatives to deliver on the business strategy. Proper project sequencing is critical as we move into the Strategy Governance phase.

It is during this phase that we manage the execution of the various initiatives and measure them back against the strategy to ensure the initiatives deliver the expected results. It is this phase that also provides us the feedback to make mid-course adjustments allowing us to take advantage of new opportunities as appropriate. Possibly one of the most over-looked phases is the Strategy Communication phase.

While communication is abundant during the kick-off of a strategy development effort, it often wanes as the effort evolves. In this phase wed work with a company to no only communicate at the beginning of the project but throughout its execution as well. One important realization is that not all constituent groups require the same communication or frequency of communication.