ZeroNines® is Securing a World without Downtime™ by offering affordable flexible solutions that enable business continuity. Clients determine the level of network availability they require, thus ensuring access to critical data without making changes to their existing infrastructure.  ZeroNines believes that commercial customers are beginning to judge IT service providers by the new standard of business continuity—virtually 100 percent uptime.
Today’s business environment is an intricate and complicated puzzle with numerous, scattered pieces related to systems, technology, geography, culture, regulations and competition. A.C. Page Consulting Group is made up of the finest consultants, handpicked based on their breadth of skills and experiences, and industry expertise. Given their broad experience, they are capable of working with businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies on a variety of initiatives such as interim technology management roles, technology strategy development, M&A diligence and integration, and technology operations assessments.
Collective IQ is a Global Asset Management and Advisory Firm focused exclusively on Corporate Venture Capital. In 2007, CIQ was ranked the top corporate venture platform by the leadership of the Strategic Venture Association.